Kamala Siddhi Vinayakar

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Veezhamuganai Song - Sung at the Concert in Malibu Temple, California by Smt.Ganam and her daughter Sangeetha in Sept,2005

Ganesha Song: Veezhamuganai

Ragam : Lathangi
Talam: Adi
Composer: Ganasaraswathy


Veezhamuganai paninthida veedhanai-eni varumo
Thozhuvaai manameeyen niya-kaariyam kaikudum ||


Yen yennum chuzhanraadum sathya swarupan
Yennai yaalum nithyanandha gowri baalan ||


Seilaiyur (vaasaa) ganapriya kamalasiddhi vinayaka
Selaiyaagi meisilirththeen ninkola yezhil nidham handu
Varam veendi siramthaazhthi thirupadam panindheen
Parivudan karamnitti aravanaiththu kaappaai

. .   .
g R - s n d p m - d P - m g r s n | , m g r s n d p | m g r - g m p d n ||
. . . . .
r R r - n N n - d D d - m M m | , p d n s r - r g | m p d - s r g m p || d n = (Veezha..)


O Mind! Will you get sadness or grievance when you chant to the elephant faced god Ganesha?
Pray to him and you will achieve the desires that dwell in your thoughts.

He is the son of Gowri! He is the good fortuned one (Nidhyananthan)!.
He is the honest supreme deity (Sathya swarupaa)!.
He is constantly revolving in my thoughts and rules over me.

O Kamala Siddhi Vinayaka, who resides in Sailaayur:
You are the lover of music! Whenever I envision your powerful and charming self,
I freeze like a statue and hope that you will grant my boons.

I bow my head for your blessing and surrender to your feet.
Always keep me in your arms and protect me with your shield of kindness.


Kamala Siddhi Vinayakar Temple

With the blessing of Lord Vinayaka the childhood dream that I envisioned of building a temple for Lord Ganesha came true.
Without the help of my sister Subbulakshmi and her husband Muthuswamy, and their daughters Lalitha and Nandhini,
this dream would not have turned into reality. Both my daughter Sangeetha and I are extremely blessed and grateful that this
temple for Kamala Siddhi Vinayaka was built at the "Om Santhanandha Swamigal Ashram" in Selaiyur, Chennai.