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Smt. Ganam conducts Karnatic music classes in person in Southern California and over the phone for all levels and ages of students. Whether the student is a beginner or an advanced learner , whether the student is 4 year old or an adult, the classes are well-tailored to each individual.

Following are the details of the music curriculum:


Sarali Varisai
Janta Varisai
Dhattu Varisai
Sapta Tala Alankara
Geetham songs


Jathiswaram (9 songs)
Swarajathi (3 songs)


Varnams (24 varnam songs)
Various forms of Kritis:
- Kritis
- Keertana
- Divyanama Kriti
- Namavali Kritis
- Uthsavasampradaya Kritis
- Ragamalika
- Mangalam
- Thillana

Age Groups:
- Kids (from 4 yrs..) : Individual and Group classes
- Adults : Individual and Group classes